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ADELAIDE - eleventh stop (20.-21.12.)

My next destination is Adelaide. The city has many nicknames, including the city of churches. To understand this nickname, you merely have to take a look around the city, for you will see a church on every corner. Anyway... my trip from Coober Pedy to Adelaide was not the most pleasant: I left Coober Pedy at 8pm and the bus was completely booked, which means it stunk and there was not much space. So I couldn't sleep and was glad to arrive in Adelaide after 13h in the morning. Unfortunately I couldn't check in at my hostel Tequila sunrise until 2pm. So I took a shower and ate something of the free breakfast buffet. Afterwards I went on my way to the city. I liked Adelaide on the first impression. I walked through the central shopping street, went to some shops and listened to the street musicians. I also visited the Central Market, a huge hall with countless food options and regional specialties, high-quality products for gourmets and fresh fruit at reasonable prices. Those who are hungry will find a very good selection of Asian food. I tried the specialities at several stands. As it was 46 degrees today in Adelaide due to the heat wave, I finished my exploratory tour. In the hostel I met two German friends: we ate dinner together and had good conversations.

hostel Tequila Sunrise:

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