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FRASER ISLAND & NOOSA - twentieth stop (21.-25.01.)

Fraser Island stretches 123 km long and 23 km wide. The largest sand island in the world dumped over 800,000 years ago from places as far as Antarctica when it was still joined with Australia.

It's a World Heritage Site because it's constantly moving and evolving. Fraser Island is the only place in the world where tall rainforests are found growing on sand dunes at elevations of over 200 meters.

So this special place was the last stop on our list. We decided for a tour from Noosa:

3 Day Nomads Fraser Island Tag-Along Tour which includes accommodation on Fraser Island, meals, an experienced guide, 4WD vehicle hire, return ferry transfer, amazing destinations and 2 nights in a dorm room at the Eurong Resort on Fraser Island.

Day 1: Arrival in Noosa

In the afternoon we went by bus from Brisbane to Noosa Heads, which took about 2.5h. When we arrived it rained a little bit and we walked to our Hostel Nomads. There we had a short briefing where we were told what we could take with us to Fraser Island and what to expect. We also got a free welcome drink. At short notice we had to repack everything because we were only allowed to take one backpack with us. Our room in the hostel was a 10 bed room with people from Canada, Switzerland, Netherlands and Australia.

Day 2: From Noosa to Fraser Island

We already got up at 5.50am, because we still had to check out and handed in our suitcases. At 7am we took a bus to Rainbow Beach together with 50 others who decided to go on the tour. From there we were divided into groups and assigned cars. My friends and I went with two other Germans, a guy from London and the tour guide. From there we went on the ferry and to our accommodation on Fraser Island. We prepared the lunch ourselves, we had sandwiches.

Our first destination after lunch was Lake McKenzie, which is in the middle of the island. That means we had to drive for half an hour over very hilly terrain, and we were well shaken. The lake holds the key to youth. Water that is said to keep you younger. The crystal clear water glows iridescent blue and white silica sand so powdery soft. I was very impressed by the beauty. Tina and I went directly into the warm water and enjoyed the moment.

On the way back to the cars we had another shocking experience: right in front of us a dingo was running, which can be very dangerous. Thanks to the poor choices of humans, they've learned not to respect people and so keep their distance. You're bound to have dingos coming pretty close to you on the beaches or on the tracks sniffing for food. When they appear in a pack, they can attack people. There have been cases of children being killed.

After the lake trip, we moved into our rooms. We shared it with two girls from Wales.

In the evening we were starving: there was penne with vegetarian tomato sauce and garlic bread. Again we got a free drink. Afterwards our tour played Beer Pong.

Day 3: Fraser Island: Eli creek/ Shipwreck/ Indian Heads/ Champagne Pools

After a good breakfast we left at 7.30am. It was fun to drive up 75 Mile Beach on the eastern side of the ocean. It's the wild and pounding side, in contrast to the western side where the clear and calm water laps gently onto soft, white sand. 75 Mile Beach is classed as part of the Bruce Highway so strict road rules apply. There are cops around ready to nab those who speed or drink drive.

We stopped next to a plane and thought it was a joke when Jonny, our tour guide, asked if we wanted to fly. Some of us said yes. We waited for them on the beach and then drove to Happy Village where we had coffee. Next stop was Eli creek:

Water was really clear, It's been filtered by the sand for up to 100 years.

There are several creeks to visit and marvel at but Eli Creek is the most famous for wading, tubing, or swimming through. Eli pumps nearly 3.5 million litres of fresh water into the ocean every hour. The best thing is to take a swimming ring with you and let yourself drift.

Afterwards we went to The Maheno Shipwreck, a former Trans-Tasman luxury liner and a World War 1 hospital ship. It was washed up on shore in 1935 when she was being towed to Japan and a cyclone viciously ripped her from the chain and spewed her up on Fraser.

We ate our lunch in the forest: wraps. After we were filled we drove on to a Lookout called Indian Heads. The walk up was a bit strenuous but the view was worth it.

The last destination for the day were the Champagne Pools. Unfortunately it was quite cloudy, so we were not so impressed by these pools. Nevertheless we took a bath and noticed small fishes sitting on our skin. After the exhausting day we had vegetarian burger patties, corn, potatoes and vegetables. We talked a little while and then went to bed relatively early.

Day 4: Fraser Island: Lake Wabby / back to Noosa

Also today we got up at 6am again. After breakfast we did a 2.5km walk through the sand and forest to Lake Wabby. Deep green water and bright white sand dunes make it special. Its water come alive with 12 species of fish, including the rare honey blue-eye, which dart between your fingers in this secluded locale. We had enough time to relax in this quiet place. Afterwards we went back by ferry and then by bus to Noosa. There we spent one more night before we went back to Brisbane and our road trip was over. Fraser Island was the perfect ending and I am still impressed by the beauty of the nature.

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