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BRISBANE - nineteenth stop (17.-21.01.)

Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, known as the ‘Sunshine State’, has a population of over 1.6 million. The city is the third largest city in Australia and known as “Brizzie” to the locals. It is situated on the Brisbane River and it is the epicentre for arts with world-class galleries, museums, theatres, art-house cinemas, live-music venues and events.

Our hotel called Ascot Budget In was like a motel and was located a little bit outside the central area, right next to a horse race course. But there was even a continental breakfast every morning with fruits, toast and muesli, but only between 6 and 8 o'clock, so we got up extra early every morning and then slept again.

The first day we spent at the Southbank, an artificial lagoon with sand and a big swimming pool. At the weekend there is also a market where you can buy handmade and artistic things. In the evening we walked to the so-called Eat Street. This is a kind of street food festival with countless interesting stands. It always takes place on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and the entrance fee is 3$, but this is definitely worth it, as there is always entertainment on stage and you can spend a lot of time there. I tell you: you can't decide what you want to eat, because everything looks delicious. We first looked at everything and then we went for the best. It took me at least three quarters of an hour. My decision was: Kinder Chocolate doughnut fries with soft ice cream. And I can tell you, I still dream about it, it was just incredibly delicious. For $14, you get a giant portion. I was so full after I ate it all. If you don't like anything sweet, you can also find seafood, paella, Indian, Mexican, burgers, Asian, langos and much more. This place is a must-see for every foodie.

The second day we spent in Chinatown and Fortitude Valley. This part of the city is great for taking pictures, because you can find small lanes with a lot of street art. Who likes to buy Asian products is recommended to visit the many supermarkets in Chinatown.

Afterwards we visited the City Hall, which includes a museum about Brisbane's history. You can also book a free tour to the Clocktower with an old elevator, from the top you have a great view.

The Art Gallery is another recommendation from my side, for example you can see original artworks of Claude Monet there. The Brisbane Museum is also informative, there are different typical Australian animals presented or it is possible to interactively dive into the culture of the aborigines.

Brisbane city:

Eat Street:

Art Museum:

Garden at Hotel:

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Feb 05, 2020

I know Tina, you can’t wait to be back, especially to see your favourite animals again 🐔🦃


Feb 05, 2020

I just love that city😍 so many great memories

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