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ALICE SPRINGS - ninth stop (16.-18.12.)

My next destination is Alice Springs, in the middle of Australia in the Outback. It is the only bigger city within a radius of several thousand kilometres. To get to this place I had to drive 1500km and 22h in a bus from Darwin.

The hot temperatures in Alice Springs welcomed me with 43 degrees in the morning. Fortunately a wind blew. I walked to the YHA Hostel, which used to be a cinema and therefore every evening a movie is shown open air. After the exhausting drive, I took a shower and relaxed for a short time. But already in the morning I walked into the city. There are several shopping possibilities: Woolworths, Coles, Kmart and smaller stores. Probably the only grocery stores in the area. I also visited the library and walked through the city centre, which was already very decorated like Christmas. But I can't get into the Christmas mood at this temperature. And unfortunately you can't stay outside for long, so I decided to relax at the pool. In the evening I watched the sunset from Anzac Hill and the outdoor movie in the hostel. The next day I wanted to go to the botanical garden, which I did not find. Probably the plants cannot grow and bloom at the temperatures. Actually a river flows through Alice Springs, but it has dried up, so I walked through the sandy riverbed. To cool down I ate an ice cream and went swimming. Alice Springs is home to many Aboriginal people, many of whom are very poor and live in bad conditions. I have learned that there are over a hundred different tribes and each one speaks a different language. However, there are also some linguistic similarities, which is why the people also understand each other. But I found it very interesting to get to know something about culture and to see how difficult life can be in a place with such extreme climatic conditions.


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