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BYRON BAY - seventeenth stop (12.-15.01)

Our next destination is known for its beaches with optimal surfing conditions and the lighthouse on a cape. The town has a variety of alternative shops, restaurants and cafés.

When we arrived in Byron it was unfortunately raining a bit, so we went from shop to shop to stay dry. There are many nice little shops where you can buy souvenirs, jewellery, clothes and so on. Our accommodation was called Backpackers Inn, which is 5min walk from the city but has direct access to the beach. We relaxed a little bit in the hostel before we went back to the city in the evening and found a great ice cream store called In the Pink, which offered all sorts of special ice cream. For example Pavlova, Nutella Peanut, Oreo Cheesecake, Snickers, Mars or Lemon Cheesecake.

Actually we planned to watch the sunrise on the beach the next morning, but when we got up at 5am we noticed that it was very cloudy and it would not be worth it. So we slept on, which was a good decision as we wanted to hike to the lighthouse that day. The route to get there was harder than expected and it was quite humid. It went uphill and downhill. When we reached the top we unfortunately didn't have the best view because of the weather. On the way back we decided to walk through the jungle, which was not less exhausting. Back at the hostel we borrowed a free boogie board and went swimming in the sea. The waves were partly so high that I got lost. Nevertheless it was fun and we sunbathed a bit on the beach afterwards. In the evening we met with two friends from our organization and of course we got two scoops of ice cream again because it was just too delicious.

The next day we slept a bit longer and strolled around the city where you can find a lot of street musicians and people who live an alternative lifestyle. In general I like the city very much because of the hippy and spiritual style. The atmosphere is very relaxed and laid-back. In the evening we took part in the club tour of our hostel to Cheeky Monkeys. There we got a free drink: champagne, cider, wine or beer. But the dance floor was the absolute horror. Everybody was dancing on benches and tables, also the music was not the best, so we went back as soon as possible.

On the day of departure I experienced another exciting story: I sat down in a beanbag on the lawn and read a book. Suddenly something moved to the tree next to me and I turned around. I saw a snake climbing up the tree next to me in 1m distance. Slowly I moved away and immediately asked the staff if it is dangerous. The good news: no it is not. But I was still shocked.

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