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CANBERRA - twelfth stop (24.-25.12.)

Canberra is my next destination, and yes it is indeed the capital of Australia, a fact that many people do not know. Canberra is the eighth biggest city of Australia and the biggest in the inner country. I also arrived here in the morning after a night drive and couldn't check in at the YHA Hostel, so I took a shower, made breakfast and stayed in the TV room. The hostel is one of the best where I stayed so far: there was even a pool, a sauna and a whirlpool. After checking in I decided to do a cultural tour. Fortunately, there is a free hop on hop off bus that goes to all the sights.

My first destination: National Museum of Australia: exhibitions about Australian history, the discovery by the Europeans, Aborigines, single cities, ... very informative with a great park outside.

Second stop: Art Gallery with artists like Ramsay, Roy Liechtenstein, Matisse, ... definitely worth seeing.

Third stop: Parliament House on the Capital Hill: I took part in a guided tour where we learned about the political system, former Prime Ministers and the Senate and House of Representatives.

Canberra is a city that has a lot to offer and a relaxed atmosphere.

As it is Christmas Eve I called my family in the evening and cooked a delicious dinner and ate the traditional Australian Christmas Pudding, a kind of fruit cake.

YHA hostel:

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