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COFFS HARBOUR - sixteenth stop (10.-11.01.)

If you want to take the bus from Port Macquarie to Coffs Harbour, you have to take the bus at 4.50am. That means for us to get up at 3am, pack our things and walk to the bus stop. In Coffs Harbour we arrived at about half past seven in the morning and were happy that there was a shuttle bus. A kinda crazy guy with long hair picked us up and told us about the activities in the hostel. He also mentioned that there will be a Yoga & Meditation Walk on the beach soon. Of course we took part: it started with a short ´being mindful´ exercise, where we stood in a circle and held hands. After the meditation walk along the beach, we practiced Tai Chi, which was guided by a yogi. For my friends all this was a bit strange and when they were asked if they could feel the new energy between their hands and were invited to do a handstand, it became too weird for them. When I asked them what they thought about it, I got an obvious answer: 'interesting' and I had to laugh.

In the hostel we shared a room with an energetic middle-aged man named Martin Oliver. He was very polite and made sure that no strangers came into our room. During the rest of the day we took the opportunity to rent a free surfboard. On the way to the beach we were already smiled at by many people, but we didn't think anything of it. Arrived at the beach we looked for the perfect surf waves: but we did not see a single one, not even a small one. Well, at least the sun was shining and we used the surfboards as a bag holder, that we didn't take them for no reason.

In the evening we visited the Twilight Market: several stalls with international food and live music. There we enjoyed the atmosphere and let the evening end.

Day two in Coffs Harbour: today we will have a day trip to Bellingen, a small hippie village about half an hour west of Coffs Harbour. The hostel offers the tour every Saturday for only 10$. We took a bus without seatbelts and a bunch of spiritually touched people towards the village. First stop was a cozy café called HYDE where we had breakfast. Then we drove to ´Gleniffer, the promised land´. A wooded area with a river you can swim in. To get to this river we had to take an adventurous hike over rocks and trees. At the swimming spot there was a rope with which you can jump into the water, which we did. On the way back we stopped at another river and went with the old bus directly across the field. At the end we stopped in Bellingen again and had an ice cream. I chose Ricotta & Plum. We found a vegetable market where we stopped spontaneously. The other members of the tour philosophized later about the beauty of vegetables.

It was an eventful and funny day, the tour was definitely worth it in my opinion. In the evening we went to bed early, because a busy day was waiting for us, what you will find out in the next post.

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