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DARWIN - eighth stop (13.-15.12)

My trip to Darwin started in Cairns (11.12) in the night at 1am, from there I went 6h to Townsville to take the next bus to Tennant Creek in the outback. There I arrived after 19h, at 3am I got on the last bus to Darwin, which took 15h again. So in total I sat 40h in the bus. This is really crazy and I drove several thousand kilometers. Sleeping is not always pleasant, because the roads are partly very uneven. On the way I got a feeling of Australia's size and versatility. The climate and the landscape are very different. In the Outback there are less flowering trees, it's very dry, but also very hilly, which I didn't expect. On the way I saw some wild kangaroos, horses or cows that sometimes blocked the road.

When I arrived in Darwin at 5:30pm, I went to the hostel 'Melaleuca on Mitchell', washed my clothes, took a shower and made myself something to eat. I shared a 4 bed room with another girl. The night wasn't very nice for me because I was very sick and I had to vomit. The next day I had to spend in bed. I could not even go to the pharmacy to buy medicine. Fortunately a friend from Darwin visited me and brought me the tablets. When I wanted to get my dry laundry in the evening, I noticed that half was missing and was stolen ... oh no and this day was also still Friday, the 13. ... not a good sign. Also the next day I spent mainly in the bed. In the evening after a thunderstorm I went out. In Darwin it is hardly bearable especially in the wet season, because the humidity amounts to nearly 70%, it feels thus like in a sauna. In Darwin I visited the city centre, the harbour, the lagoon and the wave pool. I didn't see much of Darwin, but I liked the first impression of the city. On the 15th I left again and made my way to Alice Springs.

on the way...:

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2 Yorum

19 Ara 2019

@tina.pfeiff of course, jumped out and then I had it under control, no woorries


18 Ara 2019

Could Hirte Griesi handle the wild kangoroos, horses and cows that blocked the street? 🐴 🐮

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