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MAGNETIC ISLAND - fifth stop (04.-06.12)

To get to Magnetic Island I first had to drive from Rockhampton to Townsville over night (11h). When I arrived around 12 o'clock I waited for the ferry to Magnetic Island. But the price for the ferry is not cheap. For a return ticket you pay 35$. The trip to Magnetic Island takes 20min and you have a breathtaking view of the island and the city of Townsville, which is located next to a mountain. As my hostel YHA Bungalow Bay Village is located on the other side of the island, at Horseshoe Bay, I had to take the bus for 3$ for about 20min. But it was a perfect round trip over the island. I had a room in my hostel with 7 other guests in a bungalow. The place was very nice and reminded me of a paradise in the tropics. Everywhere were different birds, wallabies, lizards, salamanders and many other animals. The hostel had a pool, a kitchen, a relaxing area, a bar and a laundry. There was also a Koala Park right in the hostel. On the first day I explored the island and walked along the beach. I felt like on a lonely island, as there are nearly no people, you see wildlife everywhere and the nature is completely untouched. I also walked over a walking track through a forest and over a bridge from where I could see many mangroves. Everywhere the birds chirped. When I finished my tour, I came just right to the feeding of the birds. Then I sunbathed in a hammock by the pool and read a book. Later I decided to watch the sunset on the beach and have dinner there. The view was beautiful and I enjoyed listening to the sound of the waves and later watching the stars and the moon. The next morning I got up at 5am to watch the sunrise, which unfortunately could not really be seen because it was very cloudy. But nevertheless I enjoyed listening to the animals and the water. Then I went to bed again. At 10.30am after breakfast I decided to hike to a lookout. I set off and didn't know what to expect: the first part of the route led along a road. After half an hour uphill I had reached the actual start of the walking track. The Forts Walk Path leads through an old military area, which was used in the World War. A sign at the beginning warned me to look for poisonous snakes. But on the way you can also find great plants and koalas. So I followed the path. It was already very hot and humid, which made walking quite difficult. On the way there were several breathtaking vantage points. However, the way was also partly exhausting. But I was rewarded with a beautiful view. On the way back I even saw a koala sleeping on a tree. The whole hike took 2.5h. Back at the hostel I booked the tour through the Koala Park: there I saw little turtles, held a cockatoo on my arm, a snake around my neck and a lizard on my arm. I also saw freshwater crocodiles and a wombat. My absolute highlight was that I ended up cuddling with a koala. The animals sleep 20h a day and are just so cuddly and cute. In the evening I sat down at the beach again and read.

The next morning I already had to check out, but I used the time again to relax at the pool. At the ferry I met two friends who are also in Australia with my organization.

I can recommend to everyone to go to Magnetic Island, it is definitely worth it. I am so thankful that I can see such beautiful places and this island is certainly a very special place in this world.

hostel Bungalow Bay village:

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