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MISSION BEACH - sixth stop (07.12)

Mission Beach (Wongaling Beach) is located between Townsville and Cairns. It is a small village, right next to the beach. I arrived there in the evening so I just got to the Scottys YHA Hostel. I made myself dinner in the kitchen provided and sat in the common lounge. It was already dark outside and I watched the stars but suddenly its sky began to flash and a thunderstorm came up. The view was impressive. The next morning I got up early to watch the sunrise on the beach. I saw a group of canoeists driving right along the beach. The peacefulness was something very special. Afterwards I swam in the pool and walked through the small village which offers a camping site, a few cafes and a Woolworths. My bus was supposed to leave in the evening, but I decided to take the bus to Cairns at 10.20 am because I had already seen everything from the village.

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