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ROCKHAMPTON - fourth stop (03.12)

The bus ride to my next destination Rockhampton from Agnes Water takes about 3h. The city Rockhampton Rockhampton is one of the oldest cities in Queensland and in Northern Australia. In 1853, Charles and William Archer discovered the Fitzroy River, it divides the city in two parts.

When I got off the air-conditioned bus in Rockhampton at 1.30pm, I was literally hit by the heat: I felt like entering a sauna, because the thermometer indicated 38 degrees. Fortunately the Hostel Shuttle was already there and took me directly to the YHA Hostel, which is about 2km away from downtown Rockhampton: To be honest, the first impression was not the best. It looked a bit devastated and the office was more like a garage. The pool didn't really look like in the photos. I shared my room with 6 other girls, it was fine. There was a kitchen, TV room and a laundry. However, everything was rather simply furnished. I made my way straight to the city and had to cover my shoulders with a cloth because the sun was so intense. I walked through the central shopping street and went to a few shops to cool down: the things offered gave me the feeling of a time travel 50 years back, especially the clothes looked very strange. But there were some nice old historical buildings like the court. I strolled along the river, where a lot of Christmas decorations were made. Then I made my way back and cooked noodles for dinner. The next morning I checked out at 10am and stored my luggage in the office. I visited the free art gallery with national artists. Then I went to the library: this is always a good place to spend time, it is air-conditioned and quiet. I have read for 3 hours. Outside it would have been unbearable because of the heat. In the late afternoon I went back to the hostel, cooked something for myself and waited for the shuttle bus at 5.30pm. Since my Greyhound bus started at 0:40 am in the night, I stored my luggage at the gas station and walked around the city to buy some food for the upcoming 12h drive to Townsville. I waited afterwards 4h at the gas station for my bus. If you are also in Rockhampton, you can also visit the Botanical Garden and the Zoo for free or make a day trip to the nearest mountain.


YHA hostel:

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