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SURFERS PARADISE - eighteenth stop (15.-17.01.)

Surfers Paradise offers the perfect mix of beach and city life with an incredible stretch of coast and a spectacular skyline.

When I was there for the first time, I was very impressed by this place, because where else you can see skyscrapers right on the beach ?

On the 15th of January we arrived. We stayed 3 days in an AirBNB, which was very central and you only had to walk 10min to the beach. The view from the apartment was straight to the skyline of Surfers. In the evening we met a friend who stayed in the hostel next door.

The next morning we spent on the beach. But the waves were so strong and high that I couldn't stand on my feet and fell over several times. In Surfers Paradise the waves are always very high and strong, therefore it is important to always swim between the flags, that means the area is secured by life guards. After we had enough sun, we walked to the Marriott Hotel, where the current German jungle camp candidates and their friends stayed. Unfortunately we did not see any of them. Later we visited the huge shopping mall Pacific Fair, because it was raining. It is one of the biggest, if not the largest shopping center on the coast. You find all kinds of shops and the design is worth seeing, with a kind of park in the middle. Back in the apartment we ate homemade kebabs. Later in the evening we went to the club The Bedroom. There you can even find perfume, hair curlers and hair straighteners in the women's toilet. Surfers Paradise is known for its clubs and you can go partying not only on weekends but also in the middle of the week.

On our last day we walked around the city and had a drink at a café before we headed to Brisbane.

For those who prefer the beach and empty beaches Surfers Paradise is not recommended. As I have been there four times already, it is getting boring because I have already seen everything and it is partly really crowded. But the place is a very special one that you should have seen at least once.

Pacific Fair:

Club The Bedroom:

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05 thg 2, 2020

I turned around for a second, the wave came and Griesi was gone🌊

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